Las Vegas Hotels On The Strip

62,000 hotel guest rooms line the 4.2 miles stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South, making it not only the most popular place to stay in Las Vegas, but also the world. In fact, 15 of the world's 25 largest hotels are located on The Las Vegas Strip, so you're almost certain to find a room that suits your personality, budget and vacation dates.

Stay in Las Vegas if you're visiting Grand Canyon West, located just 2 ½ hours from The Strip, and planning to stay for several days. There is more entertainment, activities and 24-hour fun fun fun to be had in Las Vegas than anyone could consume in a lifetime, but you'll want 2–3 days to make the attempt. Any more than 3 days and you may need a vacation from your vacation, but don't worry — Las Vegas has a way of luring visitors back again and again.