Grand Canyon Air Tours

If you only have a few hours to see the Grand Canyon, consider booking an air tour. Quick airplane tours are widely available from the Grand Canyon (Tusayan) Airport. Because airplane tours can accommodate 6-8 passengers at a time, they tend to be relatively affordable and are a prime way to see the Grand Canyon in a short amount of time. These short, non-landing air tours provide aerial views only, flying over the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert and the Kaibab Plateau on a circuit from the South to the North Rim and back.

If you're starting from Las Vegas or Phoenix, utilize the air tour as transportation and a tour in one. In just a half-day, you'll see the best of the Grand Canyon from above, enjoy expert narration, personalized attention, and stunning aerial views. And when you land at Grand Canyon West or the South Rim, you can embark on a ground tour to see the Canyon from a completely different perspective.